Big plans for 2009: From Blackglass, another 2 KAGEMONO volumes–or perhaps one big one. UNGENRED, a trade collection of ‘literary’ stories (by which I mean the stories that don’t have monsters, gunfights and exploding vehicles) Finally, my graphic novel MCBLACK (which is exclusively about monsters, gunfights and exploding vehicles) THE SIXSMITHS, a graphic novel/webcomic with J. Marc Schmidt. DEUCE, a miniseries with Nic Hunter. I’ll also be aiming to finish up my novel FAERIE APOCALYPSE pretty soon, and I’m still looking for a home for BLOODY WATERS. — JF FacebookTwitterTumblrEmail

Bad-Ass Faeries EPPIE Award Finalist

Senior editor Danielle Ackley-McPhail and Marietta Publishing would like to announce that Bad-Ass Faeries 2: Just Plain Bad has been selected as a Finalist for the 2009 EPPIE Award in the Anthology – Complete Category. The winners in all EPPIE Categories will be announced at EPICon, March 2009, in Las Vegas, Nevada. For those who came in late, Steven Mangold and I have a story called “Shadowcutting” in this book. It’s available on Amazon, eReadable and a variety of other places and I encourage everybody to check it out. — JF FacebookTwitterTumblrEmail


The eight volume of Bernard Caleo’s romance comics anthology, TANGO, is launching next month. Over the last 11 years TANGO has become an institution in the Australian comics scene. This year’s book is bigger and better than ever, thanks to a grant from Arts Victoria: 70 stories for a total of 242 pages. I have a six page story, illustrated by frequent collaborator J. Marc Schmidt, in the book. I believe that that there are stories by Bruce Mutard, Bobby N, Paul Bedford and Matt Emery, Andrew Fulton, Nicky Greenberg, Jo Waite,Daniel Reed, Mandy Ord ,Tolley, Bernard himself, and no doubt...

New Site Goes Live

Hey everyone, Welcome to the new version of I’ve streamlined the site down a bit, as you can see. The journals have gone, I’m afraid–perhaps I’ll start converting some of the travel-related stories into wordpress blog entries, but most of them are gone, now. I know that will disappoint some of you, but the purpose of this site has changed now and I’m drawing a lot more hits now–I’m just not comfortable showing so much personal information to so much wider an audience. The sketchbook section is gone, too.  I’m a writer, you don’t need to see me scribbling. ...