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ONE MORE BULLET reviewed at Scaryminds

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More love from This time, they’ve reviewed my oldest published comic,  ONE MORE BULLET. 

The title story is the first serious bit of comics work I ever attempted. It’s the first time I worked with J. Marc. It’s also the piece that has, I think, received more play than anything else I’ve ever written, somehow even receiving a mention in the Jerusalem Post’s weekly magazine, Kol Ha’Ir. The Kol Ha’Ir article was basically the somehow even getting an article about the "Top 10 Jewish Comic Stories That Aren’t MAUS". Probably the first and last time I’ll ever see my name alongside the likes of B. Krigstein and Osamu Tezuka. I’m hoping to reprint the story later this year.

The scaryminds review is here:

Follow this link to read the story on the Blackglass Press website:

(Then click on the cover thumbnail and navigate through using the lightbox widget).

— JF


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The paperback of my first graphic novel, McBLACK, will first become available at Melbourne Supanova on the 16th. I’ve been working on this bastard for five years now. Written and penciled by me, inked by Dave Gutierrez, cover by Ron Salas, 72 pages of sequential art plus a pinup and an illustrated song, the "Ballad of McBlack". It’s 10 bucks, and it’ll soon be available from the Blackglass Press webstore and from other sites. 

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In addition, I will be serializing the book online at, updating Monday-Wednesday-Friday. You have no excuse not to check it out–it’s free!

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— JF

KAGEMONO #2 reviewed at Scaryminds

  • by continues their Blackglass reviewfest with KAGEMONO #2, which they have given 9 stars:

"Kagemono #2 was just the right dose for an over wise rain drenched and miserable day; yes we do get them in Oz folks. I was once again highly impressed with Jason Franks writing, noted the deeper thoughts a number of the stories addressed, and grooved along to the artwork. There’s something subversive about Kagemono that kept me humming to Mr Franks’ beat."

Full review is here:

— JF