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DICKS: “Singapore”

Over the weekend, Tom Bonin released the latest installment of DICKS, his awesome occult adventure buddy pulp comic.

Tom’s book has been one of my absolute favourite local  comics since I moved back to Australia in 2007. There are six or seven issues so far, a one shot and a couple of miniseries, and now the latest book is an anthology of short stories in which a variety of local writers get a crack at Tom’s characters. Jen Breach (Sawbones), James Andre (James Andre), Tom Taylor (Star Wars: Invasion and The Authority) and I have each written a story, which Mesr Bonin has lavishly illustrated in his usual arse-kicking noir style.

It was an absolute pleasure working with Tom on this and I’m honoured that he let me play with his toys in the 10 for 10 pages.  Mine is called “Singapore”, inspired by the Tom Waits song.

Tom’s website si currently being renovated, but you can check out his work here: and here:

The book is not available online yet, but if you email Tom he’ll get you a copy.

— JF

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