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Hard for the Money

 Hey, cats and dogs, pigs and mice:Those three of you who still read livejournal (not really exaggerating there) may or may not have noticed, but it's been a while since I posted. I've been in Japan, getting married to the ass-kicking and …

The Sixsmiths at Thirteen O’Clock

The fine lads at lassies at Thirteen O’Clock have reviewed The Sixsmiths.

The artwork is spare and simple, but consistent and effective. Once you get used to the style of art and storytelling, the two fit together very well. There are poignant moments and a good dose of comedy. It’s all very entertaining stuff.”

Click thee hence:

McBlack Two Shot

Well, kids, you’ve seen the cover for the Two Shot, but what’s it all about?The One shot was about video games. The Two Shot is about nightmares.What else can I tell you? I can tell you the full creative team for the book:Jason Franks, Dave…

Overjoyed redux

Hey folks,Here's a link to the podcast of that Joy FM spot, if you want to stream it down: (Episode # 106 Tuesday March 27th 2012)Or download direct as an MP3 here:…