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Hey folks, Sorry for the radio silence lately. I am hellaciously busy making books and comics for you all. Oh, and getting married. How could I make it up to all three of you, my faithful readers? How about some actual radio time? How about t…

Second Shot

Hey there, miscreants and evildoers,It appears that there has been a problem with the print run of CRIMINAL ELEMENT. The release has been delayed and we are going back to print.As consolation, here’s a look at the cover for the new one shot, whic…

Interview with Derek McCulloch

I interviewed Derek McCulloch about his new Vertigo graphic novel, GONE TO AMERIKAY. Illustrated by Colleen Doran, who I had the pleasure of meeting late last year as well. (I met Derek at Comicon in 2010).

It’s a bit of an epic, but I’m really proud of it. Nobody else in comics does what Derek does and I’m really looking forward to the book. Read the interview here at Tastes Like Comics: