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Hard for the Money

Hey, cats and dogs, pigs and mice:

You may or may not have noticed, but it’s been a while since I posted. I’ve been in Japan, getting married to the ass-kicking and awesome Mrs Franks.

Since I’ve returned I haven’t had much time to post–I’m back at work and hip deep in deadlines. But there’s lots going on over here:

Lots of progress on BUCKET OF GLASS, my project with Joe Pimienta. We have five chapters (about forty pages) inked and coloured and I’m almost caught up on the lettering. This project is looking really strong and I’m super proud of it.

Paul Abstruse is a few pages away from finishing the artwork for LEFT HAND PATH, our occult/police procedural book, and I expect that the colourist won’t be too far behind. This book is looking amazing and it’s quite different to the other stuff you’ve probably seen from me in comics (although it’s more or less home territory for those of you who’ve read my prose.)

McBLACK TWO SHOT is nearing completion and I hope to have it available for Supanova Sydney in June, which I will be attending under the Black House banner. I will also be exhibiting at Oz Comicon in Melbourne during the last weekend in June.

I have been writing the script for THE SIXSMITHS vol.02. Five chapters down, ten to go. I have a team of thirteen mind-blowing artists set up to go on this book and I’ve promised them that the script will be done by the end of May. That’s a lot of script but so far I feel like it’s coming along well.

TERRA MAGAZINE #1 has not yet been released to newsagents, but it’s been done and that should happen on the 15th. Apologies for the lateness–this is a distro problem, not a content problem. Meanwhile I am working on getting TERRA #2 ready for print.

CRIMINAL ELEMENT should be coming back onto the Black House schedule soon. This is entirely my fault–I screwed up the page order and we’ve had to trash the first print run. My thanks for your patience–it shouldn’t be much longer. If you bought one of the flawed copies from me at Big Arse 2.0 I will gladly replace it with the corrected version once I have them.

In addition to that, AFTER THE WORLD #5 should be in newsagents throughout Australia quite soon. This issue concludes Jason Fischer’s wonderful trilogy of Tamsyn novellas and it also includes my short story “Sister To Dragons”, which is probably my favourite among all of the short prose stories I’ve written.

How’ve you been?

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