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Jason Franks

Raveling Character

I’ve been looking over some of my older work and I have noticed that the stories I write these days are much bigger. More words, more characters. I used to be able to happily sit down and crank out a two-hander with the intention of quickly exploring a single character point or an idea. Nowadays, […]

Ye Olde Writer’s Blog

My mate Justin Woolley just wrote a blog post that has gotten me thinking about the way that I use my blog. Of course the function of the blog is to discuss and promote my work but I do talk about other topics every now and again, particularly the craft of writing.  The first couple […]

A Simile is (Like) a Metaphor

Not long ago, somebody read a paragraph aloud to me and told me that it was really good. I must have looked confused, because the reader-aloud then said: “Don’t you recognize that? It’s the opening of Bloody Waters!” It wasn’t that I didn’t recognize my own work, it’s just that something else was going through […]


Iain Banks, another of my heroes, died last night. Banks was only 59. He was diagnosed barely two months ago–right as he was finishing up what will now be his last book, The Quarry, which is about a man dying of cancer. Banks’ announcement about the diagnosis was calm and exhibited his usual understated […]

Vance’s Saga

Jack Vance is dead. Ninety-six years old–he didn’t live to see the Earth die, but that’s still a hell of a run. I only recently became a fan of Jack Vance’s, because I’m a bit of an idiot, but Vance’s work has been a huge influence on my own work anyway. How’s that, you […]