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Jason Franks


Elmore Leonard just kicked on. I came to crime fiction a bit later than the other genres, and it was down to Elmore Leonard. My folks had some of his books in the house when I was a teenager and after I saw and enjoyed Get Shorty I went and dug them out. At first […]


I wrote a guest blog for Narrelle Harris’ excellent new project, Kitty and Cadaver. I talk about my favourite rock”roll books: Norman Spinrad’s LITTLE HEROES, Jen Van Meter’s HOPELESS SAVAGES, and Bill Flanagan’s A&R. Right here, right now:  


A couple of months ago I said that Continuum would be my last convention appearance for 2013, but it appears that I have lied to you all. This September, thanks to a grant from the Australia Council, I will be attending SPX for the first time since 2006. The Australian delegation also includes Matt ‘Guzumo’ […]

Raveling Character

I’ve been looking over some of my older work and I have noticed that the stories I write these days are much bigger. More words, more characters. I used to be able to happily sit down and crank out a two-hander with the intention of quickly exploring a single character point or an idea. Nowadays, […]

Ye Olde Writer’s Blog

My mate Justin Woolley just wrote a blog post that has gotten me thinking about the way that I use my blog. Of course the function of the blog is to discuss and promote my work but I do talk about other topics every now and again, particularly the craft of writing.  The first couple […]