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Jason Franks

Coming Soon from Winter City Productions

Word is out. Winter City Productions are starting a line of creator-owned comics. LEFT HAND PATH, by me and Paul Abstruse, is going to be one of their first books. Yeah, it’s that book about demons, cops and ice cream you’ve been clamouring for. More information about the book is coming soon, but in the […]

Continuum X

Gentle readers, space cats, rock dogs, children of darkness, it is that convention time of year once again. To whit: Continuum X, Australia’s national Science Fiction convention for 2014. I will be hanging about for just about the entire event, and I will even try to find my way to the pub in the evenings […]

“Butcher’s Hook” in Aurealis Best of 2013

My short story “Butcher’s Hook” was voted equal third in the Aurealis subscriber’s Best of 2013 poll. Equal third with four other stories, one of which is edit-buddy Marta Salek’s excellent “Intelligent Design”. View the full list here: Aurealis is now an all digital magazine, which is good news! That means you can get […]

Review by Dirk Flinthart

Another day, another kind review, this time from the excellent Dirk Flinthart. “Bloody Waters isn’t by any means a conventional novel, but it may well represent the shape of things to come. And in the meantime, it’s a lot of fun to read.” Full text here: Dirk is the author of the excellent novel Path […]

The Comics Business: From Idea to Print

I will be giving a seminar for the ASA about creating comics. As it says in the title, we’ll cover everything that happens from the time you get the idea for your sequential art masterpiece to the time it sees print. My class will be held in Melbourne on October the 18th. Julie Ditrich will […]