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Continuum X

Gentle readers, space cats, rock dogs, children of darkness, it is that convention time of year once again.

To whit: Continuum X, Australia’s national Science Fiction convention for 2014.

I will be hanging about for just about the entire event, and I will even try to find my way to the pub in the evenings this year. I will also be involved in three of the programmed events:


Saturday 9:00-10:00

with: Jane Routley

A discussion group, rather than a panel, in which Jane and I will talk about Australian superheroes and spitball ideas for making new ones with the audience. I will not be wearing my underpants on the outside but I might have to put on a cape.

At the Crossroads: Music and Genre Fiction

Sunday 15:00-16:00

with: Julia S, Narrelle Harris, Alan Baxter

Julia, Narrelle, Alan and I will talk about rock music in genre fiction. General advisory: if you are not used to making the Metal Horns salute \M/ I encourage you to arrive early for the warm up.

It’s All Been Done; Writing in the Age of TV Tropes

Monday 14:00-15:00

with: Darren Sanderson, Jane Routley, Patrick O’Duffy, Kate Cuthbert

Darren, Jane, Patrick, Kate and I will talk about whether it’s possible to come up with original ideas or not anymore.  I may have talked about this before, so if you’d like to come along and argue with me, this is your time.

See you there!

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