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Here it is, folks. The cover for my second novel, FAERIE APOCALYPSE, available January 15th 2018 from IFWG Australia.

Over the centuries the Faerie Realms have drifted away from the mortal world. But for some, the Doors will open. For some, there is a Way to travel there, if they want it badly enough. If they dream it hard enough. In this era, only lovers, poets, and madmen can access the Realms of the Land–and for good reason.
A succession of mortals travel to Faerie: a veteran seeking beauty; a magus seeking power; an urchin seeking his wayward father; an engineer seeking meaning. The mortals bring the horrors of our age to the Land, and the Folk who live there respond in kind.

The artwork here was painted by Christian Chatman and designed by Catherine Archer-Wills. This is only half of it–Christian painted two panels, one for the front cover and one for the back. I am incredibly pleased with how this turned out. I wanted something in traditional media that would evoke the weird and wild fantasy novels of the 1970s. I particularly love the Orb/Sphere covers to Roger Zelazny’s AMBER novels and this immediately reminds me of those.

Just a couple of months til the book is available.

The end is nigh.


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