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Bookstore Assault

Well, this is a rarity. I have work in three separate publications across three different genres coming to Australian bookstores between now and Christmas.

First up, my short story “The Problem of the Biggest Man in Australia” in Sherlock Holmes: The Australian Casebook, in which Holmes and Watson travel to Hobart to investigate the death of Thomas Dewhurst Jennings, the biggest man in Australia. I believe this is in stores fist week of November, which is… next week. It’s a magnificent hardcover edition containing stories by many of Australia’s best crime writers. Each piece has a gorgeous illustration–mine is by famous Sherlockian illustrator Phil Cornell. You should buy this book.






Next up, my long short story “Exli and the Dragon” is in And Then… vol.01, in which Exli and the the human criminal known only as The Dragon attempt to escape from an asteroid prison.

This one will be in stores in December 2017 from Clan Destine Press. Distributed by Dennis Jones and Associates. You should buy this book.






Thirdly, my short story “Darkness Beyond”, in Cthulhu: Deep Down Under vol.01, in which a bush ranger incarcerated at Port Arthur prison finds there’s something dark beneath the waters of Carnarvon Bay.
Available in December from IFWG Australia. Distributed by Dennis Jones and Associates. You should buy this book.

You should buy all of these books.

Stay tuned for news about my new novel, FAERIE APOCALYPSE!

2 thoughts on “Bookstore Assault”

  1. I’m not seeing any of these available in Canada yet ( Well, the Sherlock Holmes one technically is, but only as a Kindle ebook. Any ideas about Canadian availability?

  2. Hi Von,
    You are not the first one to ask me about Canadian distro for the Sherlock Holmes book. The short answer is, not this edition. The Bonnier’s local imprint, Echo, has rights for the Australian territory.
    Clan Destine has distribution only with Australia, so I don’t think you’ll see a print edition of And Then… available in Canada.
    Some good news, though: IFWG has just secured North American distribution, so the Cthulhu book WILL be physically available in Canada and the US in 2018.

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