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Oz Comic Con Melbourne

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Alright now!

It’s Oz Comic Con this weekend and I expect all of you good little boys and girls, kittens and puppies, pixies and elves to come along and say hello!

I will be a guest of the show and you can find me signing at table 22 most of the day. I will be selling copies of Sixsmiths, McBlack, Bloody Waters and, hot off the presses, Left Hand Path by me and Paul “the wild man” Abstruse! Paul will have his own table, so if you snag a copy from either one of us we’ll both be happy to sign it for ya. No charge for a signature or a photo, or a big fat chinwag. (Sorry, I don’t do con sketches.)


I will be participating in a Q&A session with some of the other comics guests on Saturday at 3pm (stage 3) and on Sunday at 2pm (stage 2). If it gets boring, Paul Mason will kick off one random panelist’s head while quoting from the works of Arnold Schwarzenegger. And in case that’s not enough Paul for your action, Paul Bedford will be there talking about his dog.

Tons of other guests, including Tristan Jones, Tom Taylor, Fil Barlow, Colin Wilson, Matthew Clark, Dillon Naylor, Tim Molloy, Wayne Nichols, Adam Nichols, Justin Randall, Andrew Constant, Dean Rankine, David Yardin, Wolfgang Bylsma, Doug Holgate, Jon Sommariva, Nicola Scott, Jason Palmer, Stew McKenny and a bunch of much less famous people from TV and the movies.


— JF

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