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Viva La Schedule

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It’s come to my attention that I don’t have much scheduled for publication at the moment. I’m working hard but right now I can’t tell you what’s coming out next, or when… but I can tell you  some of what’s on the list. I do have a few things currently under submission/ out to pitch which I will not mention here.


  • The Sixsmiths Volume 2 will most likely be the next book out. Art production is still wrapping up but I have the majority of the book in hand. Should be out next year.
  • Lady McBlack will continue but issue #2 has been delayed owing to the Sixsmiths. I may produce another McBlack one shot or an annual in the meantime, if time allows.
  • Untitled Underground Book:  A self-published single issue anthology in the style of a 90s indie comic. Five stories, five artists. If you liked Ungenred you’ll probably dig these comedy, autobio, drama and philosophical pieces.
  • The Left Hand Path: horror/urban fantasy/police procedural graphic novel with Paul Abstruse. One issue in the can, second issue scripted.
  • Sindustry: horror graphic novel with Adam Briggs. First issue scripted.
  • “The Old Portrait”: short story adaptation commissioned for a magazine. Script approved and artist assigned.


  • It doesn’t count as new, but the good folks at Possible Press will shortly be putting out a second edition of Bloody Waters. They will also be pushing the ebook out onto new platforms, so you will be able to purchase it from the iBookstore, Smashwords, etc.
  • XDA Zai: I hope to have this submission-ready by the Christmas break. Not likely to happen, but on has to have goals, right?
  • Shadowmancy: A novella based on the outline for my serial in the now-defunct Terra Magazine. The prose version has sprouted a new chapter as I write it, so I guess we’ll see where this goes.
  • Cthulhu mythos short story.  Pretty much done now, but it hasn’t been in front of the editors yet.
  • I have a handful of other short stories in various stages of repair–some under submission, some very close.  I have a new SF piece in the works and a horror short I want to write if time permits or need arises.

I am also starting to plan my next longform prose work. I’m also having a long-overdue think about career strategy right now, but I have three options I’m considering now.


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