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Bloody Waters Reviewed by Narrelle Harris

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Narrelle M. Harris, the author of the brilliant Lissa and Gary vampire novels, has published a review of Bloody Waters on her blog.

If I may boast a little (and, since this is my blog, I believe that it is not only expected but mandatory):

“Fast-paced, funny, exciting and a smashing good read.”

“The characterisation is terrific, especially Clarice’s complete hard-assery. I think I’d like to meet her, except that she frightens me a little.”

“I had seriously good fun reading this book, with its earthy language, wicked humour, unexpected turns, guts-and-glory rock and the stupendous Clarice and her
slightly terrifying, uncompromising integrity. Highly recommended!”

If you still haven’t read the book, it’s $4.99 USD on Kindle, available for instantaneous delivery to you via amazon and the world wide web:

I hope to have news about a print edition soon, so watch this space.


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