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In the Next Year

It's been a big year for me. Now it's November at it's time to take stock around here, so, this is an attempt to show you what my schedule looks like next year. It looks a bit like this:

BLOODY WATERS: At long, long last my first novel, Bloody Waters, is coming out. I don't have a date from the publisher yet, but it will be early in the year, I hope. 

The first issue of TERRA MAGAZINE will be in newsagents around Australia from April.

I have sold two short pieces which will be published in 2012: "Into the Adlight", a cyberpunk prose story (I posted the opening paragraphs a while back) and "NYE 2001", an 10 page autobio comic illustrated by Jose Pimienta. More about each of those when I can.

More McBLACK, obviously. Work continues on McBLACK vol.02. I'm still not sure on the details of how it will be published, other than that it'll be under the Black House Comics banner. The time frame is mainly contingent on how fast I can pencil, but I'm aiming for the end of the year.

I am now firming up plans for another McBlack one shot (McBLACK TWO SHOT). I have the story worked out but the script is unfinished. Once more we will be featuring some guest artists: I have two lined up (there will be at leas three)  and, while they have a tough act to follow, I can assure you that these guys are gonna knock your god-damned socks off. 

I've been editing a new anthology project called CRIMINAL BEHAVIOUR, which should be dropping in the next few months. We have a really stellar lineup of Australian and North American talent in it. This is nominally a crime book, but you know I like to keep things diverse, and I think the breadth of stories will surprise you.

My mysterious UNGENRED projected is mostly complete and should be out next year.   

So, that's a few things coming out. I'm still working on a bunch of other projects:

Jose Pimienta is really killing on BUCKET OF GLASS. We are till working out where we will try to publish it, and in what format. 

I will soon begin actively seeking representation for my novel FAERIE APOCALYPSE. 

My novel XDA ZAI is now a complete first draft and I will begin cleanup/editing/polishing phase. I hope to have it finished by the end of next year–no more decade-plus novel projects for me!

Horror/Fantasy/police procedural comics project with Paul Abstruse (working title ZYCORAX) should be ready for pitching soon.

I'm developing another comics project called LAST RECON with Paul Mason, which is a military book with a superhero angle. (Yeah, I said it).

I am now deciding whether or not to pursue a second volume of THE SIXSMITHS. I want to do it, despite the poor sales of vol.01, but it depends on a number of factors, including whether or not I can find an artist who can fill JMarc's shoes. 

Does that sound like a lot of stuff? That sounds like a lot of stuff. I don't talk about my private life online, but I suppose that I mention that I am also getting married…

Let's see how many people read all the way to the bottom of the post, eh?

— JF

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