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Can’t Stop Progress

Hey folks,

Been making some good progress here.

Bloody Waters is done. Faerie Apocalypse is done. A slew of short stories, done. My novella “Pack Rules” will be available soon–I’ll post when I have links–and I have had another exciting new comics project greenlit, which I hope I will be able to share with you very soon.

The new McBlack full colour one shot will, I hope, be ready for Armageddon in September, and I hope to announce the next Blackglass Press anthology then at well.

In addition to that, I have new comics projects are almost ready to pitch. The first is a social-realist story about a bunch of goth kids who live in rural Victoria called Bucket of Glass. The art is by Joe Pimienta (penciller/plotter of A Friendly Game, SLG Publishing 2010). I met Jose at San Diego Comicon last year, when SLG had us both signing at the same time, and we’ve been conspiring on this since then. It’s looking superb and we should have that pitch out this week.

The second is a police procedural/horror/fantasy book, illustrated by the one and only Paul Abstruse (Witch King, Gaining Velocity) with colour by David Aravena. I think will be called the Tigers of Wrath, but you may have heard me and Paul referring to it as Zycorax. We have the first scene wrapped up and it’s yielded a lot of good feedback already. Paul will be cranking out the second half of the pitch once he gets back from California.

There’s more, of course. I’m now working up a project called Last Recon, which is a military/superhero book that I think is very different to the other books we’ve seen in that genre–and I know that’s a lot of books. I don’t have an artist yet, but this one feels like another goer.

So that’s where I’m at right now. I will try to post some artwork for Bucket of Glass and Zycorax here soon. Meanwhile, stay tuned–I’ve got some cool stuff about to break.


— JF

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