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A bit late to post it, but Cardigan Comics’ TANGO #9 was launched last Thursday.

It’s a big fat beautiful book, more than 300 pages of Australian indie comics goodness, edited by the inimitable Bernard Caleo with covers by Peter Ra. The book contains stories by, among other people, Bruce Mutard, Ed 9mmed Siemienkowicz, J. Marc Schmidt, Bobby N., Mandy Ord, Nicky Greenberg, Owen Heitman, Bernard Caleo, Tom Bonin, Jo Waite, Paul Bedford & Renan L’Hopsum, Jen Breach and Trev Wood, Marita Obst and Luke Pickett, Andrew Fulton, Richard Butler, Daniel Reed, Phillip Bentley, and literally dozens more creators. I’m in there, too, stinking up the joint with a 6 page story called “All’s Fair”. this is the first time I’ve handled full art duties (pencils, inks, tones and letters) on a story in about four years.

The book is available from the Cardigan website, as well as from a number of book and comic shops around Melbourne.

The Tango launch is the biggest annual event in Aussie comics. As usual, Bobby N. provides excellent coverage (and photos) over on his blog.

— JF

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