Bloody Waters

This is the big one, folks: my first novel, Bloody Waters, is about to drop from the good folks at Possible Press. Bloody Waters is a book that I have been working on for about thirteen years. In that time a lot of things have changed. The book has gone from being near-future science fiction to being set int he recent past. I have gone from being younger that the protagonists to being older. What hasn’t changed is what the book is about: rock and roll, the devil, and the relevance of these forces on modern society. Go read the...

My first novel

    My first novel, BLOODY WATERS, is about to drop from Possible Press. It’s an occult rock’n’roll story full of guitars and guns and demons and musical geekery and I think you cats and dogs and porcupines and otters will enjoy it. Bloody Waters will be available in eBook formats from on or before October the 27th–more coverage here in the coming days. I will be giving away postcards with Rhys James’ gorgeous cover art at Armageddon this weekend–stop by for a chat and I’ll tell you all about it. Rock’n’roll, — JF       FacebookTwitterTumblrEmail

New Pages

I have added two pages to the site: Essays and Interviews. Here you can find essays and interviews I’ve done all over the place collected up together so that you don’t have to trawl through old postings to find them. Some of them are published or re-published on this site; some link to elsewhere. The newest addition is an essay I wrote this morning, Fantasy Moratorium. Check it out if you want to see me wax cynical about cliches in fantasy fiction.   FacebookTwitterTumblrEmail

Ideas and The Sixsmiths

 J. Marc Schmidt has written an essay, over on his blog, about where ideas come from, and he talks in particular about The Sixsmiths. Here’s my take: Ideas come from everywhere. There’s no shortage of them. For me I find stories everywhere: in the news, in history, in music; at the beach, on the train; in the dictionary, in my dreams. I feel like a bit of a tool for saying it, but I have, in fact,published a couple of stories that I ‘found’ most of in dreams. I also find a lot of inspiration while consuming other people’s stories....