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Rambles Review of The Sixsmiths

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Tom Knapp over at has reviewed The Sixsmiths.He says: "Some are funnier than others. Some are even a little touching. The final sequence is startling, and leaves you hanging…"Which I think sums up the book nicely.Check out …

Dicks Anthology Review-From the Tomb

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FROM THE TOMB review of the Dicks Anthology.I was fortunate enough to write one of the stories based around Tom Bonin's DICKS characters for this book, which was absolutetly a ton of fun. Other writers involved are the excellent James Andres, the m…

Tres Reviews of THE SIXSMITHS

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Some new Sixsmiths reviews, courtesy of the following sites:Mapping the MultiverseAmazon.comLance’s Comic World (registration required)Folks, if you want to help us out and you’d care to post a review on Amazon or on, or the blog, re…

Kagemono Kills

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First review of KAGEMONO: FLOWERS AND SKULLS, courtesy of Australia’s biggest horror and dark fiction review site, Scaryminds. guess they liked it. — JF