My first novel

    My first novel, BLOODY WATERS, is about to drop from Possible Press. It’s an occult rock’n’roll story full of guitars and guns and demons and musical geekery and I think you cats and dogs and porcupines and otters will enjoy it. Bloody Waters will be available in eBook formats from on or before October the 27th–more coverage here in the coming days. I will be giving away postcards with Rhys James’ gorgeous cover art at Armageddon this weekend–stop by for a chat and I’ll tell you all about it. Rock’n’roll, — JF       FacebookTwitterTumblrEmail

Rockstar Horror

Another nice review up on, this time a bit of a blast from the past with ROCKSTAR PIZZA (2006):

Eight stars–that makes me feel good. The reviewer has a lot of nice things to say, and he’s even charitable to my own artwork (I was so unhappy with that story that I stopped drawing for years after finishing it), but what impressed me was this:

"While the only story in the collection that can be considered pure horror is Peas, each of the other three have a dark underpinning recognisable as a denizen of the dark genre forest. Jason Franks, as a writer, presents a world view in rockstar Pizza where there is no safe underpinning and where at any moment the floor might give way, spinning things into a vortex of chaos and unexpected outcomes."

That is a really nice encapsulation of my attitude to storytelling. In the books I did prior to KAGEMONO I didn’t give any thought to genre. I did not, in my head, make any genre distinctions when I was writing them, I just wrote the stories I wanted to. After the third one came out and I got tired of hearing "What’s the theme?" and "These stories are all different," that I decided to focus KAGEMONO on horror stories.

Ask me twice and I’ll tell you that everything I write is, in one respect or another, a horror story.

Scaryminds placed a large order on the Blackglass website a few weeks ago and they are working their way through it, so expect a couple more of these in the weeks to come.  Also, if you are a fan of horror or dark fiction and you’re interested in what’s going on in Australia and New Zealand, please take some time to explore the site: they have great coverage of books and movies as well as comics. 


— JF


The new Blackglass Press KAGEMONO horror anthology is shaping up nicely; should be ready for print next month. The book will be an 84 page trade paperback featuring a cover by Nicholas Hunter and work by 12 indie creators: “Trauma Ward”, 8pp, by Percival Constantine and Carl Yonder “Yum yum, it’s the end!”, 5pp, by James Andres and Luke Pickett “The Devil’s Vintner”, 12pp, by Jason Franks and Renan L’Hopsum “Conspicuous Consumption”, 6pp, by Justin Jordan and Yuriko Sekine “The Smart Toilet”, 6pp, by Dino Caruso and Jeff Womack “Blood and Shadow”, 8pp, by Jason Franks and Yuriko Sekine “Seen...