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Paying for Our Passion

Candid discussion about writing, publication, and the personal and monetary costs of pursuit of same. Guest post hosted by David McDonald.

A Writer of Earthsea

The continuing influence of Ursula Le Guin’s fantasy masterpiece on Franks’ own work. Guest post hosted by Alan Baxter.

Raveling Character

The meaning of character in literature.

A Simile is Like a Metaphor

Why did the metaphor cross the road?

Female Leads

Strong female protagonists. Based on a panel discussion from Conflux 2013.

Way of the Dragon

Goal setting and the writer’s life.

Gone to Amerikay Interview with Derek McCulloch

Interview with Derek McCulloch about his new Vertigo graphic novel, GONE TO AMERIKAY.

Witch Doctor Interview with Brandon Seifert

Interview with Brandon Seifert about his hit Image/Skybound series, WITCH DOCTOR.

The Strange Talent of Luther Strode Interview with Justin Jordan

Interview with Justin Jordan about his new Image comicbook series THE STRANGE TALENT OF LUTHER STRODE for Tastes Like Comics.

Stargazer Interview with Eric Von Allen

Interview with Eric Von Allen about his new children’s graphic novel, STARGAZER, for Tastes Like Comics.

How to Write Good (Prose)

Hands-on-keyboard advice for writing tight, clean prose. Originally written for The Literary Handyman blog.

Creating a Graphic Novel: A Primer for Australian Writers

Written by request for the Australian Horror Writer’s Association but relevant for writers in all genres.

Horror Tropes

Originally published at Franks’ livejournal, Libre Tenebrae.

Fantasy Tropes

Originally published at Franks’ livejournal, Libre Tenebrae.

Character Assassin

Discussion about the seed idea behind my XDA Zai stories for the Utility Fog Blog. The first XDA Zai story, “The Wild Hunt”, was published in ASSASSIN’S CANON from Utility Fog Press.

Badass Insight: Jason Franks and Steven Mangold on ‘Shadowcutting’

Steven Mangold and I talk about the writing process we undertook for the story “Shadowcutting”, which was published int he second Badass Faeries book, JUST PLAIN BAD.

Badass Insight: Jason Franks on ‘Theatre of Conflict’

Essay about the inspirations and insights behind my story “Theatre of Conflict”, published in the third Badass Faeries anthology, IN ALL THEIR GLORY.

Smiling, Damned

I’ve written numerous essays for this groupblog site, featuring detailed analyses of the greatest villains in literature and pop culture.

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