Character and the Modern Magus

I wrote this essay for Pete Aldin about how I developed the Magus in Faerie Apocalypse, and what I learned from so doing. This particular character is probably the one that readers have remarked upon the most. One reviewer said he was unrelatable, repulsive an despicable (which he is). Others have told me that he is their favourite character in the book. He isn’t my favourite, but he was certainly the most difficult to manage. I think I threw out fifty percent of the material I wrote around this character. An early reader told me that he should have an...

Horror Tree

I did an interview for “Scott” Summers at the Horror Tree. We talk about dark genre fiction, travel, and writing process, among other things. Contains a short snippet out of Faerie Apocalypse. Make with clicky: FacebookTwitterTumblrEmail

Eating Authors

Hey there, fussy eaters, Hugo and Nebula nominated author Larence Schoen asked me to talk about food on his blog. I like food. You should read me talking to him about food. If you like food.  Everyone likes food. Go read the interview here: Then, when you’re done, go check out some of Lawrence’s excellent science fiction: And then, I dunno, treat yourself to a nice meal. Or at least a snack. This has all made me very hungry. Cheers! — Jason   FacebookTwitterTumblrEmail

The Mechanics of Visual Storytelling returns!

Hi folks, Thanks to the kind folks at Comics Mastermind I will be teaching my Mechanics of Visual Storytelling webinar for the third time this month. This is a nuts and bolts of how to write script for comics. It’s a creative writing course–it’s a look at the tools of visual storytelling and how to use them to write a workable script. You can sign up for the workshop on Wednesday 28 March at the link below. If you can’t make it on the night the proceedings will be recorded and you can view them later. Otherwise, we’ll probably run...

The Noctuary: Pandemonium – Greg Chapman

Greg Chapman is an writer, illustrator and comic artist. Those of you with long memories will remember that I interviewed him a few years when his novella The Eschatologist was published. Since then Greg has gone from strength to strength, being short-listed for a Stoker award, becoming the President of the Australasian Horror Writers Association, and winning the Richard Laymon President’s Award from the (American) Horror Writer’s Association. Greg was kind enough to answer some new questions for me his various activities, and in particular about his new book, Noctuary: Pandemonium. Congratulations on winning the Richard Laymon President’s Award from...