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Award Eligibility 2022

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Hello my beautiful monsters.

The end of the year is rolling on and awards season is nigh upon us.

I have three publications that you might consider nominating for one of the many various awards, if you feel they are deserving:


X-Dimensional Assassin Zai Through the Unfolded Earth, published by IFWG Australia (September 2022). The adventures of a hitman who takes missions in places that do not exist. Secret space stations, undersea kingdoms, aerostatic cities, post apocalyptic faerie lands. Wherever you run, wherever you hide, Mr Zai will find you–after he’s taken some happy snaps and tried the local cuisine. SF/fantasy/crime/travel.

Cover art by Daniele Serra

Short Fiction

“Children of the Dragon”, published in Dracula Unfanged, edited by Christoper Sequeira (IFWG Publishing, August 2022), is a contemporary horror story which reimagines Dracula as the leader of a Silicon Valley hacker cult. Horror.

Cover art by Dave Elsey

“The Language of Birds”, published in Clamour and Mischief, edited by Narrelle Harris (Clan Destine Press, November 2022) is set in apartheid South Africa in 1985. When a Hebrew school misfit is granted the power of Solomon, he must look beyond his own troubles to prove he is worthy of the gift. Horror/Fantasy

Cover art by Altocello

I hope you dig the stories and, if you like them, please feel free to nominate them for any awards for which they are eligible. If you’d care to leave a review any please than would be even better.

Peace out,

— Jason Franks

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