Five Questions about Faerie Apocalypse

The Best Person in the World, Narrelle Harris, asked me five questions about Faerie Apocalypse and here is what I said. unto her. Includes a partial soundtrack for the book. (Ask me twice and I might post all the songs referenced in there.) In the meantime, go! Read! Then buy some of Narrelle’s awesome work. I particularly recommend The Opposite of Life and its sequel, Walking Shadows for some hilarious and touching Melbourne vampire action. Five Questions for Jason Franks   FacebookTwitterTumblrEmail


THE FAERIE APOCALYPSE HAS BEGUN It’s here, folks! My new book, Faerie Apocalypse, is out TODAY! as I write this it’s out in Australia, and the book should become available through the different vendors sometime as January fifteenth rolls into your time zone. Please go out and purchase one–with extreme prejudice. And tell all your friends. And if you love it or hate it, please leave me a review on the platform of your choice. BUY IT :: Amazon ‣ | Kindle ‣ | Barnes and Noble ‣ | Kobo ‣ | iBooks ‣ | Book Depository ‣ | Booktopia...

Faerie Apocalypse Preorder Special

Howdy, adventurers, IFWG is holding a sale for my new book, Faerie Apocalypse. If you snaffle one up direct from their website before 2018 you can save some bucks. Books will ship on or before the official release date of January 15th 2018. Australia:  AU$30.99  US: US$15.99 UK: GBP£12.99 All prices include shipping. USA, Australia and UK only. Git some! FacebookTwitterTumblrEmail


Here it is, folks. The cover for my second novel, FAERIE APOCALYPSE, available January 15th 2018 from IFWG Australia. Over the centuries the Faerie Realms have drifted away from the mortal world. But for some, the Doors will open. For some, there is a Way to travel there, if they want it badly enough. If they dream it hard enough. In this era, only lovers, poets, and madmen can access the Realms of the Land–and for good reason. A succession of mortals travel to Faerie: a veteran seeking beauty; a magus seeking power; an urchin seeking his wayward father; an engineer seeking meaning. The mortals bring the horrors of our age to the Land,...