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"Theatre of Conflict" workblog

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 Click the link to read a short essay I wrote for the BAF blog, about my postmodern Ozploitation fairytale "Theatre Of Conflict" (published last year in BAD ASS FAERIES III).– JF

More Dicks

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Another kind review of the DICKS ANTHOLOGY, this time courtesy of Broken Frontier:– JF


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 Couple of nice reviews courtesy of Scaryminds:KAGEMOMO: TOOTH AND CLAW (this was the 2009 book) gets a nice 8 stars: story ‘Singapore’ gets a special (if brief) mention in Scary’s review of Tom…

More Sixsmiths reviews

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 Rod Lott at Bookgasm likes us (although he thinks we’re from the UK): Mathieu at Ich Liebe Comics comics digs us, too:…

“Season’s Greetings”


And that’s it, folks. The book is in stores and the web stories are all over, for the time being at least. Thank you all so much for your continued support. May Lucifer, the Star of the Morning, Light of Reason, King of All the Hells look kindly upon you and your family and allow […]