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McBlack #2 now available from

Now available for your Kindle Fire, sporting an amazing cover by Rhys James: McBlack #2! “Kill the Body and the Head Will Die. While investigating the disappearance of Duke David Oberg, McBlack follows the clues to a dog park and a monster truck sales yard… but after tangling with a gang of redneck triads […]

Now Available: Lady McBlack #1

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, madames and monsieurs, LADY McBLACK #1 is now available from the Blackglass Press webstore. This is the first chapter of McBlack volume 2 and it picks up some unresolved plot threads from volume 1: At the behest of her three sisters, McBlack investigates the murder of Lila Bodicker by the […]


Here you go, you saucy minxes. Another teasing panel from Lady McBlack #1.

SplooshKLOONG! The sound your fake marble head makes when a giant cyborg slaps you with a mop-and-bucket.