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Two Cons

Franks will be at Supanova Sydney this weekend. He will be at Oz Comic Con in Melbourne next weekend. He will be selling the new McBlack Two Shot, The Sixsmiths, Terra Magazine, and other good stuff and he wants your money. Not only will Franks be there, but so will such fine other creators as Matt Emery […]

Two Shot art preview

Hello, ladybugs and bumblebees, Well, the Two shot will soon be upon us. In order to whet your appetite I thought I would provide you with some preview panels from the new book. Wrap your peepers around these babies:    

McBlack Two Shot

Well, kids, you’ve seen the cover for the Two Shot, but what’s it all about? The One shot was about video games. The Two Shot is about nightmares. What else can I tell you? I can tell you the full creative team for the book: Jason Franks, Dave Gutierrez, Rhys James, Luke Pickett, John Stewart, […]

Second Shot

Hey there, miscreants and evildoers, It appears that there has been a problem with the print run of CRIMINAL ELEMENT. The release has been delayed and we are going back to print. As consolation, here’s a look at the cover for the new one shot, which is called… Two Shot. Brilliant, right I know. Here’s […]