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Gourmand Go is Open for Business

Hello friends.I am crowdfunding a new graphic novel, Gourmand Go, and it’s my pleasure to announce that it’s now live on Kickstarter. Here’s the blurb:

The Gourmand Go is a tramp freighter that travels the galaxy on a mission to seek out new life–and eat it. But when times are lean the officers are not above eating more… human… cuisine.

From shopping mall food courts to the heart of a gas giant, from reality cooking shows to the table of a planetary warlord, the crew of the Gourmand Go will face any challenge with a thirst for adventure and a taste for the finer things.

This book is the product of many years of work by me and the art team: co-creator Harold Purnell, Laura Renfrew, Gavin Thee Thomson, Matt Kyme, Cristian Roux, Aly Faye and Ben Michael Byrne, with lavish colours by Graeme Jackson.

The book is ready to print so there’s no risk to you for supporting it. Please check out the page, and order up a healthy serving:

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