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Award Eligibility

Hey folks,

It’s awards season again, or something, so it behooves me to mention stuff I have that is eligible for such things. This usually means works published in the previous calendar year–in this case 2022. Most relevant to me, as an Australian writer, is the Ditmar awards, which you can nominate for here if you are a part of the Australasian spec fic community. Ditmar noms close on August the 14th 2023.

Here are my eligible works:

X-Dimensional Assassin Zai Through the Unfolded Earth (IFWG)

Short Story
“Children of the Dragon” in Dracula Unfanged (IFWG), and
“The Language of Birds” in Clamour and Mischief (Clan Destine Press).

If you’re out there nominating, and you liked any of my works, I’d be chuffed if you wouyld give me a nod.


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