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Heart of Iron

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So I wrote a story for The Only One in the World anthology, featuring alt-versions of Sherlock Holmes and Watson.

My story, “Sharaku Homura and the Heart of Iron”, is about a Japanese Holmes visiting apartheid South Africa in the 1970s as an Honorary White, where he is assisted by a Jewish Dr Watson in solving a mystery related to a missing shipment of iron.

Cover art by Judy Rossell

Editor Narrelle Harris wrote this very kind post about my story:

… his (Franks’) story reflected his personal experiences of both the South African and Japanese cultures that influence these characters, ensuring they were nuanced and whole and not, as he mentions in his Clan Destine Press interview, the Western stereotypes of those nationalities.

And here’s an interview I did about the piece, so you can hear it in my own words:

This was a tough piece to write and I’m really proud of it. I hope you’ll check it out–it’s available in hardcover, softcover, and in your favourite ebook format direct from Clan Destine Press or from all the usual etailers.

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