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Heart of Iron

I have a story coming out in this newly announced awesome new Sherlock Holmes anthology from Clan Destine Press, THE ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD.

My story, “Sharaku Homura and the Heart of Iron”, is set in South Africa in 1974 and features a Japanese Holmes and a Jewish Watson. This is my second published story about Holmes and Watson, and my first time writing about South Africa, where I was born. This story touches on both apartheid and Japanese imperial history. Also, Jimi Hendrix.

It’s an absolute pleasure to share space with the likes of Raymond Gates, Lucy Sussex, L J M Owen, Kerry Greenwood & David Greagg, Natalie Conyer and all the others.

Big thanks to editor Narrelle Harris for picking up the story, and Lindy Cameron for making this project real. More details as they come to light.

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