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Into the Adlight free on Curious Fictions

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Published in 2012, this is a cyberpunk satire about guerilla documentary-making, advertising, and data security. I posted it on Curious Fictions because I saw this article, which makes it look as though the central conceit of the story might soon be a reality:…


Obvious influence here from Blue Ant era William Gibson and also Bill Hicks (don’t @me, I’m a Gen Xer), who once said that advertising is the “ruiner of all things good.”

In hindsight, the callout to Robert Heinlein’s “The Man who Sold the Moon” is way too obvious, but I guess that’s what advertising does. It ruins stuff.

The protagonist is supposed to be a blend of Henry Rollins and Michael Moore.

Curious Fictions were kind enough to make it a featured story. You can read it for free right here:

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