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Authors Jason Fischer and Jason Franks are pleased to announce the launch of their exciting new collaborative publishing venture, Argonautica Press. Dedicated to reprinting their best known works as well as new projects, Argonautica Press is launching with the immediate re-release of Jason Franks’ Aurealis Award shortlisted occult rock’n’roll novel, Bloody Waters.

Jason Franks said “I was mostly known as a comics writer when Bloody Waters first came out, and it provided me with my first real introduction to the prose writing community. I had a terrible lack of confidence and I weaseled out of doing a proper launch for the book–an easy thing since it was released as an ebook first. I don’t think anybody was more surprised when good reviews started to come in, culminating in an Aurealis nomination. Until now the only hardcopy edition of the book that has been available was a tiny run of ARCs that we rushed out for Supanova, so I am particularly thrilled to see the new redesigned edition. These are my favourite characters and I’m very pleased to see them take another turn on the stage.”

The next release on the Argonautica schedule is the reprint of Jason Fischer’s Quiver, volume 1 of the Tamsyn Webb Chronicles. The sequels to this cult-classic zombie novel are in production, and the following titles in the series are Go To Hell and Dead Last.

“The initial reactions to Quiver were favourable, and the book sold out at the 2013 launch,” Jason Fischer said. “I’m very excited to continue the tale of Tamsyn Webb under this new masthead, and look forward to pushing this story into uncharted territory. It’s a lot of fun doing unexpected things with the zombie apocalypse sub-genre, and given the intent was always to
write a big sprawling series with these characters, I am pleased to enact the ultimate resurrection.”

The estimated re-release date of Quiver is mid-June 2019, with the sequels in the Tamsyn Webb Chronicles following shortly.

Simultaneous to the re-release of Quiver should see Argonautica’s first new release title, Jason Franks’ novel Shadowmancy, a dark look at a school for the mystical arts replete with a cover and lush interior illustrations by Nicholas Hunter.

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