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I never met Stan Lee. Closest I came was being shoved out of the way by his security detail when I nearly tripped over him in a crowded aisle at San Diego Comic Con in 2010. I am glad, in retrospect, that those guys stopped me from treading on him because he was tiny and he looked a lot more frail than he does on the big screen.

But I did sit opposite his booth at the first Melbourne Oz Comic Con and I can tell you this much about him: he made people love comics. First and only con where people have come to my table and asked if I had locally made, original work for them. Whatever his creative contribution, he was without question the industry’s greatest spokesman.


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  1. I got to have him sign a comic for me Daredevil #16. He asked me why that comic and I got to tell him that it came out the year and month I was born and had my 2 favorite heroes. Daredevil and Spiderman. He actually seem to care. Just another reason why I feel he was a great man.

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