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I have just learned that my good friend Ed Siemienkowicz has passed away from pancreatic cancer.

I’ve known Ed for about 12 years; ever since the first time I went to SPX. Since then I’ve been privileged enough to hang out with him in Orlando, Tokyo, Melbourne, Sydney, and Washington DC. Last time I saw him in the flesh was, appropriately enough, at SPX in 2013.

with Keith McDougall, Raina Telgemeier and ed Siemienkowicz

Hanging out at SPX 2013 with Keith McDougall, Raina Telgemeier and ed Siemienkowicz

Ed was a talented artist, writer, and designer, and a magnetic web personality who many of you will remember as the anchor of the very popular Star Wars podcast, Voice of the Republic. When I decided to do Sixsmiths 2 with a medley of artists I knew immediately that I wanted Ed to be one of them. He was a amazing storyteller with an eye for detail and I am incredibly proud of the three stories we produced together.

Ed faced his cancer with bravery I can barely imagine. It was hard to watch him suffer through it from so far away, but it was heartening to see how his many, many friends gathered around to support him. Ed as open-hearted and generous a guy as you were ever likely to meet. I wish long life to his partner Vanessa and to all of Ed’s family and friends.

Cheers, Edo-san.  We miss you badly.

— Jason

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