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Learn the ins and outs of the super-villain business from three-time Best Solo Supervillain award winner The Prince. Watch Mr Ex orchestrate a supercrime the smart way. Destroy a wind farm with gun-crazy pro-pollution-activist Monochrome. Take a fully automatic tour of Transylvania with murderer-for-hire McBlack. Impress your friends by quoting Shakespeare–then rob and kill them. If you ever wanted to be a supervillain, this is the book for you.

Written by Jason Franks; illustrated by Daniel Watts, Brendan Halyday, and Aly Faye; coloured by Jason Quest and Garth Jones. Cover by Graeme Jackson.

This 24 page issue will be available July 1st for Oz Comic Con Melbourne fro the princely (geddit) sum of five bucks. It will also be available online and digitally.

Smiling Damned #1 cover by Graeme Jackson


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