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And Then… Exli and the Dragon

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And Then… on the last day of the year… a new anthology of thrilling adventure stories DESCENDED FROM THE HEAVENS courtesy of Clan Destine Press.

Featuring stories by Alan Baxter, Jason Nahrung, Narrelle Harris, Dan Rabarts, Lucy Sussex, Peter Ball, Tor Roxburgh, Tansy Rayner Roberts…

Oh, and me. My long-short story “Exli and the Dragon” is in there, too, in which Exli and a disgusting alien creature that calls itself ‘the Dragon’ attempt to escape from a space prison. Includes vehicle theft and pew pew lasers and jellyfish and robots, so if that’s your bag I can only suggest that you open your wallet and fork out the buckazoids required to purchase a copy of your very own.

It’s rare for me to publish a short and I am very very pleased to be sharing space between the covers with these folks in an anthology of new, original work.

Available digitally from today and in paperback from next month. First volume in a series.

Come get some.

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