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Faerie Apocalypto

Faerie Apocalypse.

I’ve been hearing a lot of people saying “It sounds cool,” and then “what is it actually about, anyway?”

I’m not yet able to give you a blurb, but I thought I’d give you some bullet points to chew on:

  • There are bullets in the book, and some characters do chew on them–full auto. This ain’t your grand pappy’s fairyland.
  • Despite that it is a fantasy novel, set mostly in Faerie Land and featuring a variety of magical, monstrous beings as well as a succession of human characters who are also, in varying degrees, monstrous and magical.
  • It’s a fantasy novel that also investigates the relationship of  fantasy to the science fiction,  horror and western genres.
  • Music references? You bet those hedgerows are a-bustling. Fairyland just ain’t right without a hefty dose of ’70s rock’n’roll.
  • I have called it ‘literary fantasy’, although I dislike using the word ‘literary’ as a qualifier, in order to set the expectation that this is a stylized work, unlike the stripped-back prose and natural dialogue in Bloody Waters. In this book I want readers to attend to the language, as the characters themselves must.

Alas, I have said too much… but I’m sure there will be more to come. Listen at your browser window, for you never know when the RSS Pixies might bring you some new morsels. Just make sure you understand the price before you try them.

— JF

1 thought on “Faerie Apocalypto”

  1. “It’s a fantasy novel that also investigates the relationship of fantasy to the science fiction, horror and western genres.”

    Colour me curious. Especially about the western, sir!

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