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I know I’ve been a bit scarce on the ground but if you want to see me I will be out in public at the Homecooked Comics Festival next Sunday.
In May I’m heading to Japan for a month, so I will sadly not be at Oz Comic Con or at Continuum. M wife and son are already over there and I’m looking forward to joining them. 
Some bad news: my long-delayed novel, Shadowmancy, has been further delayed due to the publisher going onto an indefinite hiatus. The book is done and ready for print and will come out eventually, but that’s all I can tell you for right now.
My current comics project, Gourmand Go, is well underway and I’ll talk more about it when the first issue is done. I’m also currently doing a small work-for-hire gig with some cool peeps and I will tell you about that when I can.
Peace through csuperior comics power,
— JF

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