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ACAF Program and Sixsmiths Book Launch

The ACAF​ program is up! There’s a plethora of awesome panels and workshops by the likes of Tristan Jones​, Ryan K Lindsay​, Bruce Mutard​, Paul Mason​, Louie Joyce, ​Julie Ditrich​, Wolfgang Bylsma​ and Mark Sexton​.

I will be conducting a two hour workshop “Writing Comics: Script and Genre” ( and I will also be joining Bruce and Queenie on stage to discuss contracts in “Legally Comics” (

Make sure you show up late to the networking drinks event (, because I will be disrupting the event with launch for the new volume of The Sixsmiths​!. (I will have copies of the new edition of volume 1 as well, never fear.)

If you can’t make the first day, I will have both volumes for sale all day on day 2. If you’d like me to reserve you a copy of one or both books please feel free to email me at

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