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2015 Wrap Party

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Well, 2015 is just about done and it’s been a big year for me.

Yuriko and I had a baby boy. His name is Akira. He will crush your puny resistance with his mind powers and then devour your city like a souffle. I have a very cool new day job. And the whole writing thing went alright, too.


  • Award nomination for Left Hand Path #1 (published in 2014)
  • Short story “Metempsychosis” (pub 2014) reprinted in a year’s best anthology.

Work Published_caliber_vols1_2

  • Reprint of Sixsmiths vol.01 graphic novel and the all new Sixsmiths vol.02.
  • Short story “Darkness Beyond” in the Deep Down Under anthology.
  • Short comic “The Old Portrait” (with Leigh Kuilboer) published in Midnight Echo.

Work Completed

  • SF novelette “Exli and the Dragon” for Caln Destine’s And Then… anthologies. (9,000 words)
  • A new Bloody Waters novelette, “The Depths of Humanity”. (10,000 words)
  • Half of  a new novel, “Sorrow”. (50,000 words)
  • I also overhauled my still-unsubmitted manuscript XDA Zai. I cut roughly 10,000 words and wrote about 15,000 new ones.

I also wrote introductions for 3 different books, I believe: Jan Scherphenhuizen’s

Publishing schedules are notoriously fickle, but I expect we’ll see the following

Coming In 2016:

  • Short horror/fantasy novel Shadowmancy
  • “Exli and the Dragon” in the And Then… anthology
  • “The Depths of Humanity,” probably Kindle direct.
  • 2 issues of “Gourmand Go”, a science fiction/horror/comedy comic

Also, with any luck, some more Left Hand Path and McBlack

I hope you folks have had a smashing good year and that you will krush, kill and destroy in 2016. I know I plan to do just that.

— JF


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