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Left Hand Path #1 reviewed at the Australian Comics Journal

Ben Kooyman at the Australian Comics Journal has just published a Creature Comics review, featuring Left Hand Path #1 by me, Paul Abstruse and Eddie Swan, and the excellent Karnak #1 by Christian Read and Michael Maier.

LeftHandPath_Iss01_FrontCovKooyman compares the work to Garth Ennis’ Avatar books and to Larry Cohen’s lo-fi horror-comedyish movies. I’m a huge fan of both those creators so that left a big smile on my face.

The body of the review is here:

Kooyman does mention that he’d like to see more stories set in Australia. I will say that this was originally going to be set in Sydney, but Paul persuaded me that LA would suit the story better and he was quite right. When you see issue #2 (Paul is halfway through drawing it) I think you’ll really see why. I do set a lot of my work in Australia (Metempsychosis is set in Dublin and Melbourne, and the Sixsmiths is practically set it my back yard), but I’ve traveled fairly widely and I’ve lived and worked in a number of countries. I am in fact an immigrant to Australia, so, you know.

I’m not a believer in “the city is a character” but I do try to choose settings for my stories that will add to the flavour.

By the by, Christina and Mike’s book, Karnak, reviewed in the same article, is a fantastic read and you should most certainly get your hands on it if you haven’t already.

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