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Butcher’s Hook – Year’s Best Horror 2013 Honorable Mention

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My short story “Butcher’s Hook” (published in Aurealis #65)  received an honorable mention in Ellen Datlow’s 2013 Best Horror collection. I guess that makes it the Little Story That Could.

Butcher’s Hook was a rare story that, according to my records, was only rejected once before it sold. It’s always a source of wonder to me which stories sell and which ones do not, much less which stories get recognized. I only work here.

I really don’t write a lot of short stories these days. For many years my efforts in the shorter form mostly went into comics and now I’ve gotten out of the habit. My inclination is to go big: it’s rare for me to come up with anything as contained as Butcher’s Hook, these days. A handful of characters, a single idea and a limited wordcount delivered as a concentrated hit of story.

Maybe I should write some more.

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