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Cover for vol1 #2

Cover for vol1 #2


Here we go again, folks. The next issue of McBlack volume 1 is live on ComiXolgy!


While investigating the disappearance of Duke David Oberg, McBlack follows the clues to a dog park and a monster truck sales yard… but after tangling with a gang of redneck triads and a mixed municipal soccer team, the bodies are piling up faster than the clues. The case is not at all what it seems, but suddenly McBlack has bigger problems: an old enemy has rolled back into town and it’s all Old Smiley can do to keep his head on his shoulders.

In black and white, written and pencilled by me, inked by Dave Gutierrez, cover by Rhys James.

Once again, if you dug the webcomic or you’ve only read the one shot stories this is the best and cheapest way to get current with the overarching story. Your $0.99 will go a long way to purchasing that pair of baby seal slippers I have my eye on.

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