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Volume 2 Art Lineup: Sarah Howell


Oh ye who scorn the tepid promises of heaven for the cleansing flames of perdition, I have another artist to announce for the second tome in the Sixsmiths’ unholy sequence.

Prostrate yourselves before the majestic  wrath of Sarah Howell!

sixsmiths_sarah_clip_panelA founding member of Melbourne’s Squishface Studio, Satah is well known for her cartooning as well as for her work as a teacher and festival organizer. Her work has been published in The Lifted Brow, Drawn From Life as well as a variety of zines and minicomics. She was one of the eight comics artists invited to the month long Inherent Vice residency and the National Gallery of Victoria in 2011.

Sarah’s chapter required a very careful balance of tone and material and I can think of no other artist I would have chosen for this work. Welcome, Sarah!


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