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Debuting at SPX: The Renewalist

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As I have mentioned, gentle readers, I will be attending SPX in Bethesda Maryland next month, where I will be flogging my various wares and attempting to impress you with my sunny demeanour and rugged good looks.

Having realized the flaw in my plant I have decided to sweeten the deal with two new minicomics, available for the first time and in very limited quantities ay SPX. The first is the Sixsmiths vol.02 ashcan, which I mentioned in the prior post. Here’s the second:

THE RENEWALIST #1, by me and Luke Pickett. A 10pp full colour mini containing two adventures of Demolition Fred, a man who specializes in the renewal of buildings that are mythical, magical, or just plain wonderful… and old. The first story, “Teatro Asombroso”, is brand new and exclusive to the mini; the second is a reprint of “Øst Spitsbergen”, which was published in the BEGINNINGS ANTHOLOGY back in 2012.

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