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Ungenred now available

Howdy folks,

Ungenred, my new collection of mainstream comic short stories, is now available for purchase online from

For those who came in late, this is a collection of ‘mainstream’ stories from the start of my career to the present. Many of them are reprints, but there are plenty that have never been seen before, and some that were created especially for this collection. An extraordinarily-talented crew of artists from around the world made this whole book possible, from J. Marc Schmidt to Bruce Mutard, Ed Siemienkowicz, Jan Scherpenhuizen, Renan L’Hopsum, Joe Pimienta, Nic Hunter and Greg Vondruska… all wrapped in a glorious cover by the one and only Rhys James.

A massive thank you for my perennial besties at Black House Comics for collecting this up for me–I’ve been wanting to collect this material for many years.

That link again:

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