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Ditmar Awards 2013

Ladies and gents,

The Ditmar awards are presently open for nominations. If you are ‘active in fandom’, which basically means that you have  read any of the material that is eligible for the awards, you can vote.

Here is a list of eligible works:

I have a couple of works on the list: my novel, Bloody Waters, and a short story, “Into The Adlight”. The way I understand the rules, you can nominate either one of these works, but not both.

There is no category for comics, but there is one for Illustrators, so if you are a fan of McBlack you might consider voting for one of the artists who contributed to McBlack Two Shot: Bruce Mutard, Luke Pickett, Rhys James and John Stewart. (You can only vote for one of them, unfortunately.)

You may nominate as many times in as many Award categories as you like, although you may only nominate a particular person, work or achievement once.

Best way to lodge your nominations is through the web form here:

— JF

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