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Criminal Element on Indyplanet

Hey folks,

Some of you will remember my beleaguered crime anthology, Criminal Element, which was available briefly in March before we discovered some serious misprints and pulled the book from sale. I have been working to rectify that and I'm pleased to announce that it's now available again from Indyplanet, which will make it much more convenient for customers in North America who don't wan to pay exorbitant shipping rates from Australia. I have, in fact, sold copies to the UK through Indyplanet as well, so it's a good option for you folks in Europe, too.

Criminal Element is a multi-genre crime anthology by an international crew of artists and writers and it's my great pleasure to make it finally available to you. McBlack fans note: this anthology contains a short story called the Delucci Bambino, featuring old Smiley himself and the resolution to a loose plot point from McBlack Vol.01.

There is a new Australian edition in the works as well–please stay tuned and I'll let you know once it's available. Also coming soon to and in digital form from Graphicly.

In the meantime, the American edition is available here. Get 'em while they're hot!


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