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Hey folks,

Feels like a long time since I've blogged about much of anything, and it has been–most of my posts over the past six months have links to reviews of stuff I've written or sales blurbs for new stuff I've had coming out. I apologize; I've had a lot going on this year between my new job, getting married, and the ridiculous number of creative projects I have going on.

Five weeks ago I was  flooded out of my apartment by a  ruptured hot-water heater and, largely due to the not-giving-a-fuckednessof the insurance company, I still have not been able to move back in. Not having access to my home office or my drawing board has been absolutely brutal on my schedule. 

Lots of things going on in the interim. I am now actively pitching some comics projects: BUCKET OF GLASS with Joe Pimienta and KENSUKE, with Tom Bonin. Paul Abstruse and I will shortly begin pitching THE LEFT HAND PATH. We have completed a substantial amoutn of work on all of these projects–between 22 and 40 coloured, lettered pages of art for each one–so that has been a ton of work.

I'm also in the process ramping up McBLACK vol.02, LADY McBLACK. The first issue has been pencilled and I'm feeding Dave Gutierrez pages to ink as fast as I can clean them up. I think this book will be serialized, ratehr than going straight to trade the way vol.01 did.

ALSO. FINALLY. I'm working through final edits for my first novel BLOODY WATERS, so expect to start hearing more about that in the coming months.

Peace, love and head explosions, baby,

— JF

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