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Off to Print

Black House Comics just sent three books to print.

Finally, the long-awaited Terra Magazine is upon us. I've been working on this puppy for nearly a year now and I hope you cats and dogs and mice and fishes are going to support the hell out of it. It contains serialized comics by Chris Sequeira, Jan Scherpenhuizen, and Ben Michael Byrne. It has the first part of Jason Fischer's serial SF novel TUSK. And there are are some serials by me, the editor: SHADOWMANCY, with Nic Hunter; GOURMAND GO, the first part of which is illustrated by Hazz Purnell; and GUN SMOKE BUD, with Yuriko Sekine.  You should check it out. Where else are you gonna get 64 pages of graphic genre fiction for five measly bucks?

AFTER THE WORLD #5 is also about to drop. The lead feature is the third installment of Jason Fischer's zombie novella trilogy, "Army Corpse". I've had the privilege of reading this prior to publication and believe me, it's a cracker. It also contains my short cyberpunk story, "Into The Adlight", in which a guerrilla documentary crew take on the world's most notorious–and brilliant–advertising executive. Also five bucks. 

Both of these should be available in newsagents around Australia. I will post updated ordering information when I have it.


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